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Tumblr BSKIN September 2013 Giveaway
title: 1st Anniversary Giveaway + Lucky Draw Contest
date: Friday, 24 February 2012, 04:34

Today i wanna join this giveaway + Luck Draw Contest by LoveBagLoveBagPrivateCloset . K,i'm so nervous cause i'm not very sure with the ways to enter this contest and i hope this is the right way to join :D

Option B: Blogger
Step 1: Become one of our blog followers.
Step 2: Blog about this contest, post the picture(s) of our product(s) you love from our collections and link back to this post. 
Step 3: Email us with your Name, Link of your post, Contact Number and Mailing Address. 

I love these dresses ! Seriously. To be honest , these dresses are in my wishlist and i wanna order it online from your online shop but i'm only 14 and my sister said that too big for me and too small for me instead :3 Pfft~ Sad life. 

Hahaa kay . Stop with the sad story :) So , I wish i could be the 1st 30 blog entry :D and get the early-bird gifts ! Hehee.

Okay , that's all. If you wish to join this contest , just click on the banner up there :) Hope , i'm the lucky person who win the grand prize ;D And last but not least , sorry for the broken english  


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