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Tumblr BSKIN September 2013 Giveaway
title: Miss Qerieyal 1st Giveaway : I Love My Blog
date: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 12:14

*click banner jika nak Samsung Corby II :D*

Hari nih mak jemah nak join giveaway dari Miss qerieyal . Kay hadiah diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa super awesome gilaaa. Samsung Corby II Grand prize bebbbbb! Terberak aku baca woi. Hahahaa. Kk gua tau gua takkan menang punya sebab wa mana terror bab bab mengayat nihh :3 Takpe ar tak menang. Join jeh laa ;D

Let's the game begin..

I love my blog because this is the only medium that suits me to share my feelings. Sad,happy,angry.Share with my readers :) Maybe one day, your children will read it up and laugh at you Sincerely,Ain Kamal.
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